Coupled with our recruiting excellence and extensive knowledge of the insurance and finance marketplace, Park Avenue Group Consulting offers other consulting services to help our clients attract, hire and retain the finest talent in the business. These services are available separately or in combination to address the client's specific staffing and retention needs.

Producer and Management Recruiting
We can help you put together a detailed plan that defines the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect. We can advise you on how to take the best approach to target and win them over to your organization. These plans can dramatically improve the probability of success for you and your newly acquired talent.

Producer Retention
Hiring a new agent without a well thought out retention strategy is risky and can cost your organization time, and lost revenues. We can help you develop specific action plans related to candidate on boarding, training, integration and counseling.

Executive Coaching
Our coaching programs are intended for executives who wish to attain higher performance levels or sustain their peak performance. These programs are highly customized, fast-paced and results-oriented in nature.

Succession Planning
Many organizations find themselves stacked one deep in key senior executive positions nearing retirement. Without a backfill plan, this cumulative expertise can be lost forever with serious consequences for your organization. We can help you develop a well-reasoned succession plan that minimizes disruption and ensures a smooth and equitable transition.

Strategic Planning
With our extensive industry and management experience we are ready to coach you or help you facilitate your strategy planning sessions. We are also prepared to help you identify, assess, select and execute the appropriate action plans to turn your strategy into tangible results.

Compensation Programs
We can help you design and implement effective compensation and reward models that are intended to boost productivity, enhance competition and reward peak performance.

Agency Acquisition
Whether you're looking to buy or sell your agency, we can help you assess the value and connect you with the right parties in our extensive network. We can also guide you through the negotiation process to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.